Sexual expression takes many forms and intensities. Sexuality is diverse and we shouldn’t be too quick to label someone a “sex addict” when in fact they may simply have a high libido or enjoy non-traditional forms of sexuality.

The term “sex addiction” (or “sexual addiction”) implies a lack of behavioral control that has led to significant negative consequences (such as marriage/relationship, job, health, emotional wellbeing, social and recreational life).Sexual Addiction Group Round Rock TX

Repetitive sexual acting-out can significantly diminish your life. Emotional and physical intimacy in marriages/relationships are damaged when one partner is engaged in a secretive world involving sexual impulsivity. The anticipation of the next sexual experience (whether this involves viewing porn, meeting an affair partner, paying for sex, visiting online chatrooms) can take on an all-consuming, compulsive quality that railroads one’s ability to make rational, healthy decisions.

The cycles of acting out increase self-loathing. Depression is common among the clients I treat for sexual acting-out. Sexual pleasure (if it exists at all) is usually eclipsed by the shame and dread of not being in control of one’s life.

If you are reading this, you know it can be tremendously difficult to stop these patterns. Part of you may continue to deny that a problem even exists. Or you might feel desperate to get help because you are no longer able to ignore the pain caused by sexual acting-out.

You should know there is help.

I’ve started this group to help men who are struggling to get their lives back on track. Group therapy (as well as individual therapy) is an important part of the healing process. It offers men a safe place to uncover the dynamics that are keeping patterns of sexual acting-out alive. It helps to break the patterns of shame-based acting-out and the isolation that contribute to problematic sexual patterns.

Taking the next step

Joining a therapy group can feel daunting. But the benefits can be considerable. A no-cost 45-minute meeting with Dr. Nicastro is required to help determine if the group is right for you. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about the group or to set up your 45-minute meeting.

For detailed information about the group visit:  Sex Addiction Group for Men.

Prefer Individual Therapy?

I work with many men in individual therapy as well as group therapy. Please feel free to contact me if you prefer to work on these issues in individual therapy.

Dr. Rich Nicastro

Licensed psychologist, Georgetown, Texas


(Note: The phrase “sex addiction” is being used descriptively for behaviors that are difficult to manage and that are having a negative impact on your life; currently, there is not a consensus in the mental health field about whether out-of-control sexual behaviors meet the criteria for addiction. )