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Next Scheduled Workshop: The ABCs of Effective Communication

Why a workshop on couples communication?

Speak with anyone who is married or in an intimate relationship and they’ll probably tell you that Marriage couples Workshop Georgetown Texas txcommunication is essential to a healthy relationship. We all know what it’s like when communication falters, when defensive bickering (and/or emotional stonewalling) takes over.

And while it’s normal for you and your spouse/partner to argue, patterns of negativity shouldn’t become the norm for your relationship.

When you and your spouse/partner are communicating well, a positive ripple effect occurs: emotional connection is enhanced; positive interactions are more likely; mutual support is more readily available; you feel like a team, like your partner has your back.

But the reality is that many of us never learned the “how-tos” of effective communication. Indeed, classes on best communication practices for a healthy marriage/relationship are not all that common. (And even if they were, we tend to incorrectly assume that relationships are solely intuitive and therefore can’t benefit from the application of things learned.)

So most of us did what felt natural to us or simply repeated what we learned as children, unconsciously repeating the ways in which our parents/caregivers communicated with each other (or how they communicated with us).

When this occurs, we are mindless communicators, relying on outdated (and often unexamined) internalized scripts about how to relate to our spouse/partner.

In these instances, the goal is to replace ineffective patterns of communication with intentional, more effective strategies.

The ABCs of Effective Communication Class

What are the features of effective couples communication?

How can you apply communication strategies to the real world of your marriage/relationship?

And what can you and your partner do to reconnect when communication falters?

These are just some of the questions we’ll explore in The ABCs of Effective Communication Workshop.

In this information-filled class you’ll discover:

The ABCs of effective speaking;

The ABCs of effective listening;

How to identify and communicate your core emotional needs;

How to enhance your emotional presence;

How to listen for the deeper (and more relevant) messages being communicated;

How to use conflict to strengthen your marriage/relationship;

And more!

Who Should Attend The ABCs of Effective Communication?

Anyone who wants to strengthen their marriage/relationship by expanding their communication toolbox.

Whether you are in a new relationship, planning to marry, or together 50 years, this fun, information-filled workshop is for you.

Date:  The next couples communication workshop will be held on a Saturday to be announced

Time: 12:00-3:00pm (3 hours)

Location: Georgetown, Texas

Cost: $150/Couple; $90/Individual

In you are interested in attending our next workshop or need more information, please contact me by email or phone [ (512) 931-9128]

I look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Rich Nicastro


Rich Nicastro, Ph.D. is a psychologist  with over twenty years experience working with individuals and couples. Dr. Nicastro has a private practice in Georgetown, Texas.