Rich Nicastro, PhD is a licensed psychologist with over twenty years experience working with individuals, couples, running therapy groups and supervising other therapists. He has a private psychotherapy practice in Georgetown, Texas.

Dr. Nicastro earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the New School for Social Research inMarriage Counselor Georgetown Texas New York City. After receiving his PhD, he completed an intensive, two-year postdoctoral fellowship program at the Traumatic Stress Institute/Center for Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Connecticut. It was during this advanced training that he was introduced to relational models of therapy and the power of relationships to heal our deepest wounds. He conducted research on the therapeutic alliance in working with adults struggling to overcome the effects of childhood abuse.

After working at the Traumatic Stress Institute, Dr. Nicastro opened a private practice with a colleague. For twelve years (1996-2008) he was a licensed psychologist in Connecticut where he co-ran Adult and Adolescent Psychological Services (treating individuals, couples, running groups and supervising therapists). In addition, he taught and supervised graduate students at the University of Hartford’s psychology department.

In 2008 he relocated to the Southwest and opened the Relationship Center of New Mexico, a psychotherapy practice specializing in relationship and intimacy issues. After eight years in New Mexico, he moved to Georgetown, Texas.

His therapy work focuses on helping individuals and couples connect on deeper levels by uncovering the barriers that prevent authentic relatedness. He is especially interested in exploring how our relationship histories shape our capacity for intimacy and how the disconnection from our deepest selves/longings prevent connection to others (including our spouses/partners).

Dr. Nicastro’s therapy approach is influenced by several theoretical models, including relational/psychodynamic, attachment and emotionally focused therapy. While these therapeutic principals guide his work, he strongly believes that each therapy must be collaboratively created anew depending on the needs of the client.

In 2007 Dr. Nicastro created the informational blog Strengthen Your Relationship in order to help others find the tools to achieve meaningful connection in their lives. Along with writing for Strengthen Your Relationship and creating self-help books, Dr. Nicastro contributes articles to numerous marriage and relationship advice blogs and national magazines.

In addition to his psychotherapy practice, Dr. Nicastro conducts workshops on a variety of topics, including emotional wellness, effective couples communication, healing from infidelity, and men’s issues. He also runs a men’s group that focuses on the challenges of being in intimate relationships.

He and his wife make their home in Georgetown, Texas.